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Incedo Provider Portal Updates

Incedo Provider Portal Release Roadmap

The Incedo Provider Portal Release Roadmap can be found here

Incedo Provider Portal News and Updates

No current news or updates.

Incedo Provider Portal Releases

Q2 2021 Incedo Status Updates

Below is an anticipated schedule of releases. Please click each item for further details.


IPC-Claim Status Export Functionality


All providers 

July 2021

(Correct on 6/9/21)

Providers will have the ability to export their claim status lines as a spreadsheet/PDF. None Identified for further testing

Authorization Plans: Limitation of available authorization plans by Provider Type

(Targeted on Incedo release 6.4)

All providers 

May 2021

(Correct on 6/9/21) 

When entering an authorization request, providers will only be able to see and select from appropriate authorization plans for their provider type.  None Complete        

Supported Employment authorizations: Automatic ending of authorizations

(Targeted on Incedo release 6.5)


Employment  Providers

July 2021

(Correct on 6/9/21) 

Supported Employment authorizations will be automatically ended in the system. Prior to this update, the authorizations had to be ended by the Local Authority. None Identified for further testing      

Training Opportunities

Trainings related to use of the Incedo Provider Portal will be posted here as they are announced.