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Incedo Provider Portal Updates

Incedo Provider Portal Release Roadmap

The Incedo Provider Portal Release Roadmap can be found here

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Incedo Provider Portal Releases

Q1 2022 Incedo Status Updates

Below is an anticipated schedule of releases. Please click each item for further details.



277CA Updates


All Providers January 29, 2022

Providing accepted status on successful Void / Corrected claim submissions

Ability to communicate a more accurate status on claims that encounter processing errors

None Complete


Automatic Update of Insurance Field

All providers  March 26, 2022 Automatic-update of the Insurance field of the Authorization Request screen. After completion of an authorization request, the Authorization Status may display as "In-process." The user may need to click the "Refresh" button to see updates to the status.  None Complete

Training Opportunities

Please see the February Training Calendar for details of trainings on Claims Submission using the CMS 1500 form, Authorization/Service Request and Uninsured Eligibility requests in the Incedo Provider Portal.